How to help

How to help


Fundation Przystań Ocalenie (eng. Safe Haven Foundation) came to being for animals. Our top priority is to support a shelter for horses and our other little brothers. When we were creating the place we were basing on Stowarzyszenie Komitet Pomocy dla Zwierząt (eng. The Association of Help Committee for Animals) running the shelter for horses and animals 'Przystań Ocalenie’ (eng. 'Safe Haven’). This is the home for tired, ill, worn out animals.

Among the charges we can find over a hundred horses, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, donkeys and many, many other animals. During many years of active help the Committee has met many problems especially keeping the shelter running. And this is why we believe that the Foundation, created to help doing it, will make it possible to collect and earn more money to save more animals’ lives and make others’ better.

The Foundation also runs an economic activity which whole income serves to the purposes of the Foundation. We believe that together we will be able to develop and grow the shelter 'Przystań Ocalenie’ so any exhausted or in need animal will be able to find its place here, at the shelter.

Our aim is to realise people about saving and protection of animals as well as injecting the empathy to the youngest members of our society. This is our aspiration, our desire, our mission and the reason to establish the Foundation Przystań Ocalenie.

You can donate The Foundation Przystań Ocalenie by paying directly to the bank account:


Name: Fundacja Przystań Ocalenie
Address: ul. Kombatantów 134
Postcode and City: 43-229 Ćwiklice
Country: Poland
  Bank account number IBAN (in Euros): PL28 1750 0012 0000 0000 2630 4253

  Bank account number IBAN: PL29 1750 0012 0000 0000 2212 8288


or by PayPal (use the link below, please):

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* We are currently looking for a person or a company that could give us a plot of land that can serve as a safe home for saved animals.
* Any donated amount of money will help the horses at the shelter Przystań Ocalenie and ransom the other exhausted ones.
* You can become a sponsor of one of the saved horses, naming it with any name you wish paying monthly the set amount of money.
* You can also collect among your family or friends the food, cleaning utilities, caring products, blankets, bowls for our all animals and shelters that we help.
* We are looking for private citizens of a company that can give us a time-worn car free of charge so it can be used to transport the horse trailer.
* You can collect any teddy bears, toys, books, pictures, etc. so they can be sold out at the charity auctions that we organise on behalf of our saved animals. To sent them use the address of The Foundation.
* If you witness any case of cruelty or animal abuse that threatens the life of animal please, alarm the prosecutor’s office, police, local city guards or Veterinary Inspectorate! You should do it yourself in writing by sending a letter. You can also notify any local Committee or Orgamization for Help and Protection of Animals.